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Arif Kazmi knows water. He attended Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas where he proceeded for graduate and post graduate studies receiving Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. Later earning a Doctorate in Engineering Management, his practical training continued at Fort Riley Kansas, and Junction City Kansas. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer here in Arizona for nearly three decades, in addition he is a professional P.M.P. As a member of Engineers Without Borders, Arif traveled to several African and Middle East countries, improving the quality of life for local citizens through the design and construction of pumps, tunnels, and other water transportation projects.

Kazmi's technical experience is exceptional. For nearly 30 years he has served the State of Arizona as an Engineer, a Project Manager, a Regional Manager and a Senior Manager. During his tenure with the state, Arif has teamed with the management of  statewide projects including bridges, culverts, and embankments and has provided professional policy expertise to local governments. He has been overseeing a team of Project Managers and Engineers with primary responsibility for strategic planning, project development, and budget, as well as participating in the assessment and selection of consultants and contractors. Currently, Arif is a Director of construction, operations and maintenance of all Civil Projects of the Municipal Corporation of Jeddah Saudi Arabia, a city of 10 Million population.

As a Licensed Professional Engineer, a professional P.M.P. and a former member of the Board of Directors of a large State Credit Union, Arif Kazmi brings the right fiscal training and technical experience to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District. As Arizona looks to rise out of its current economic crisis and resumes its steady growth and development, the expansion of the current canal system, the development of alternative energy projects around water transportation, and the opportunity to create jobs and bring revenue to the state may well be the Water Board's primary focus in the next several years. Arif Kazmi is an experienced Engineer and Project Manager and is more than ready to lead the Board and the State of Arizona in this exciting new direction.

Paid by: Committee to elect Arif Kazmi for CAWCD

Treasurer: Evelyn Moore

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